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Only Child- Lonely Child?

How many different ways are there to answer the never ending questions about having your second child? ‘When are you expecting your next child’, ‘Doesn’t he/she need a brother or sister?’ ‘Waiting a bit for the next child?’.  The simple answer would be to tell people to get their nose out of your affairs and mind their own bloody business.

No-one can quite plan and predict the wonderful moment you find out you are expecting. Some couples are not 100%  sure if they were meant to be parents, some times it’s planned and other times by complete chance and completely unexpected. Therefore, the thought of a second child is quite a daunting prospect that some couples just know they don’t wish to take.

Nothing seems so divisive as the subject of only children. There may be physical, emotional or financial reasons for not adding a second to your small brood of one. Some families may be desperate for another child but are unable to. Some of us have made the decision for personal reasons. So why does everyone feel the need to question and comment on it?

Comments only child parents will be familiar with include:

1. You’ll change your mind when your child grows up

2. You don’t really mean it

3.  You’ll get broody again. By then it’ll be too late

4. Your being selfish

5. Your missing out

6. They’ll be bored and lonely

7. They’ll be selfish

8. When you die they will be left all alone

Let’s just all enjoy our children, no matter how many we have of them!


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