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Keeping Your Child Content in a Child Safety Seat

According to statistics, about 2000 children under the age of 5 are killed or injured every year due to automobile crashes in Canada. To prevent deaths and injuries, some countries such as Australia and the U.S have passed a system of laws to restrain every child including infants and toddlers appropriately when traveling in a vehicle. Such restraints when fitted and used in the right way can save many deaths in every episode of a crash.

Some of the restraints include the use of child booster seats, child safety seats, infant safety seats, and using safety belts correctly. These set of laws depend on the size and age of the child and the best way to keep them safe is by using the correctly installed and age-appropriate restraints. This article accounts some of the best tips to keep your child content and safe in a safety seat

  • Always Checking the Safety Seat

Most people do a great many mistakes when either installing or using the children safety seats. Some of the mistakes that are very common include failure to use the locking clip correctly, placing the child facing in front of an active-air-bag, safety belt doesn’t tightly hold the seat, harness straps are not positioned in the right way, clips of the harness retailer are not placed at the armpit level, and among others. To prevent these mistakes, you should consider reading your car’s instructions and manual especially if it came with child safety seat installed. Additionally, it’s good to check whether the seat is fitted in the right manner and also using it in the way it was meant for. It’s also important to consider placing your child on the back seat since this is regarded as the most secure place when in a crash.

  • Bringing Fun Things for Your Child to Play with When Traveling

Your young one can get very tired or bored especially when on a long journey. When planning for a long-lasting road trip, you should consider bringing books, soft toys, music, games, and some other activities that can make your child very busy without moving around the seat very often loosening or unlocking the seat belt. Moreover, changing these articles frequently and bringing foods such as fruits, cereals, crackers, and cheese can influence the child’s interest in a great deal. This will ensure that they are comfortable and most importantly, very safe in their safety seats when in a car traveling.

  • Using the Seat Belt from the Start

According to several sources, babies who use safety seats from the time they came into the world have the highest chance of staying on their seats even when they become preschoolers or toddlers. So the earlier your baby starts using the safety seat the better. This’s also regarded as one of the best ways to make your young ones learn that safety seats are a significant part of every point of their journey when traveling.

  • Setting a Good Example

As a good parent, you need to show your children that safety seats are a major part of their lives. This can be demonstrated best by setting a good example of making sure that you always wear a safety belt when driving. Children learn by what we do and being good role models can help them become the best in their lives.

In conclusion, children safety is our safety, and keeping them content when traveling is one of the best things that parents love to do and see.

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