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Flying with your baby tips


Flying with babies can be stressful for you and the other passengers. We all know everyone loves to tut or pass comments on those parenting skills of other. On the plane in a confined space is the perfect place for others to do just this! We see this stress evidenced by the number of stories circulating around the internet of parents travel nightmares and top tips of what to expect and how to overcome these stresses.

With a little extra preparation, flying with a baby doesn’t have to be so dreadful—and dare I say, could even be enjoyable! Put these top tips to the test:

1. Timing can be everything – Try to schedule your flight so it covers your child’s nap time but avoid the urge to book a night flight presuming your child will sleep right through. While some babies will happily sleep on a plane, if your baby is inquisitive, they may be too excited with their new atmosphere to sleep.

2. Take advantage of any help and preboarding – Get to the gate early to take advantage of preboarding and the opportunity to get space in the overhead that you may need. Try and ensure you have everything you need within arms reach and ensure you can get seated without worrying about the rest of the passengers boarding.

3. Be organised – easier said than done I know! Have a bottle ready or a pacifier prepped for baby to suck on during takeoff and landing as it will help with any pain from there ears popping. If you baby does begin to cry whilst taking of and landing bare in mind this may be due to the altitude so try not to panic too soon.Sucking on a bottle of water may also help with this.

4. Pack light! – Consider not bringing too many unnecessary items with you. Try not to take things that you can buy at your destination with a quick stop at the supermarket. You don’t need to fill up your suitcase with wipes, nappies or baby’s favourite snack. Pack what you need for your travel day plus a few extras just in case and buy the rest when you reach your destination

5. Being hands free – While travelling can be what relieves your stress when getting from A to B. Ideally you need to navigate through the airport while still keeping your baby close and safe, and have your hands free as much as possible. Definitely consider using a wrap, try one out before you go if you haven’t used one before. This way you don’t have any extra bulk and can manage a bag or luggage without it becoming an extra hassle.

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