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Baby Naming – Advise and Inspiration

With some couples naming their bundle of joy from the very beginning and others leaving the ritual till after the birth – anything goes. Do you gain inspiration from googling A-Z of baby names, read over the popular names of the year or use an internet search baby name builder? One thing is for sure, as soon as you are your partner agree on that all important name your parents or in laws won’t!

Gaining inspiration from classic literature to popular television and movies, you’re bound to find something interesting, unique or unusual. Even if you don’t find the right baby boy or baby girl name along the way, it can be fun to read up on the origin and meanings of the names of your favourite characters or actors. There are hundreds of unique and unusual names to choose from.

Here are a few from you to choose from:
Alvin (from Alvin and the chipmunks) – meaning elf friend
Felix (from Felix the cat) – meaning happy and fortunate
Harry Potter – meaning home ruler
Bridget Jones – meaning exhaled one
Princess Beatrice -meaning happy
Princess Eugenie – meaning wellborn and noble

If these haven’t given you the inspiration required you could always google top 50 baby names of 2016/2017

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