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Announcing your pregnancy

The new craze appears to be facebook and media posts introducing a new addition to the family in a creative way. Announcing the news verbally to family and friends appears to be a thing of the past.

Below are the top ten creative crazes of 2016/2017 of announcing your wonderful news:

  1. Playing a sporadic game of scrabble – pre planning the board to state ‘your are going to be a daddy/mummy’
  2. Grocery List – Sharing a grocery list with your other half. On it write a list of items including ‘baby back ribs, baby carrots, baby peas and other foods with baby’ in there names – see how long it takes him to twig?
  3. Only Child T-shirt printingPrint your only child a t-shirt which states ‘only child expiring …..and add the babies due date’.
  4. Family photosA family photo with a spare chair – to allow the viewer to work out the rest of the puzzle.
  5. Cards to family members – Send greetings cards to family members ‘grandma, auntie, uncle’ informing them of the fantastic news!
  6. Shoe photo – Writing your date of births on yours and your partners shoe print and then adding in a tiny pair of boots with the due date on them.
  7. Photo with the dog – Taking a photo with the dog in the middle of you both and the caption ‘mum and dad are getting me a human.
  8. Photo blowing up balloons – You and your partner take two photos, the first with you attempting to blow up a balloon each. The next with you blowing these balloons up announcing on each balloon ‘we are expecting’ and the due date.
  9. Pea shoots – Order some small square boxes. Inside these boxes place a pea pod, when the recipient opens the box they will see 3 peas in the pod with the caption ‘soon to be 3 peas on our crazy pod’. Send them to whoever you want to truly surprise.
  10. Christmas decorations – Make or produce some home made Christmas baubles, on each bauble have the written text for example ‘Grandma established  2017’, ‘Auntie established 2017’ for a truly special Christmas surprise.

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